Month: March, 2011

Strength training for individuals with cerebral palsy

I recently read a systematic review article about the efficacy of strength training for individuals with CP.

Basically, after reviewing multiple studies, the authors conclude that:

1) there is evidence that supports weight lifting to increase strength in both children and adults with CP

2) there appears to be no increased spasticity with strength training

The evidence is not clear enough to form evidence based recommendations for strength training just yet. But the authors do advocate balance and coordination exercises  in addition to strength training exercises in order to improve mobility and functional movement skills.

Here’s a link to the article:



The new PAR-Q+

Remember the PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire)? Most fitness centres required you to fill out the PAR-Q in order to clear you for physical activity. Unfortunately the PAR-Q was overly conservative. For example, individuals with chronic conditions would automatically be excluded from exercise. In fact, the Par-Q wasn’t really that well supported by research.

The new PAR-Q+ uses a new risk stratification strategy to identify any potential restrictions to exercise. Individuals with chronic conditions can now potentially clear themselves for exercise. The best part is, the PAR-Q+ is actually evidence based, meaning it is backed by strong research.

If you were ever screened out of physical activity by the PAR-Q, please take a look at the PAR-Q+. You may be more ready for exercise than you think!

Click below to see the PAR-Q+ form: