The new PAR-Q+

by envisionfitnessbc

Remember the PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire)? Most fitness centres required you to fill out the PAR-Q in order to clear you for physical activity. Unfortunately the PAR-Q was overly conservative. For example, individuals with chronic conditions would automatically be excluded from exercise. In fact, the Par-Q wasn’t really that well supported by research.

The new PAR-Q+ uses a new risk stratification strategy to identify any potential restrictions to exercise. Individuals with chronic conditions can now potentially clear themselves for exercise. The best part is, the PAR-Q+ is actually evidence based, meaning it is backed by strong research.

If you were ever screened out of physical activity by the PAR-Q, please take a look at the PAR-Q+. You may be more ready for exercise than you think!

Click below to see the PAR-Q+ form: