Stretching to prevent or reduce muscle soreness: a second look

Stretching to prevent soreness: this is so widely known that its almost common sense. But does it really? I recently read a review article regarding this exact question. A review article is basically one report that sums up  and compares a bunch of other studies regarding a certain topic. You can find the article here. But to sum it up briefly, the authors conclude that there is little to no effect on the muscle soreness experienced after physical activity.

Does this mean there’s no point in stretching? Well no. First off the research which the article was based on was not very strong or well controlled to start with. Just because science can’t (yet) prove something,doesn’t mean it’s worthless. It’s also hard to trump years of anecdotal experience regarding stretching. My advice is to keep stretching as part of your exercise routine. If it doesn’t help with reducing muscle soreness, at least you still get the flexibility and mobility benefits.